5.4 Million and Counting Project

Today I sent off my 5,175 hand-stitched tally marks for artist Nguyễn Chi's activist craft project: 5.4 Million and Counting. Her goal is to make physical the number of women whose right to safe and legal abortion is at risk due to the case put before the Supreme Court in March. If it succeeds, it would effectively shut down nearly all abortion care providers in the state and have influence nationally (Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt).

In partnership with the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Textile Arts Center, "the public is invited to Draw the Line by joining the embroidery process at the stitch-ins, or by sending in their own 10x10” swatches with as many tally marks (卌) as they would like to embroider. All swatches will be patched onto a larger quilt." The quilt was displayed at a rally on the day of the oral arguments, but the project is ongoing. A decision from the court is expected in June. 

Update: She is requesting to have swatches by June 5.

Read more about the case at Whole Woman's Health.