Thomas Nozkowski on process

Twenty years ago I had a fantastic studio visit with the artist Thomas Nozkowski. I loved his work then and continued to admire it over the years. Reading this interview with him all these years later, I relate to so much of what he says about process, inspiration, and attitude; I can see how his work really seeped deeply into my brain - even if it’s not overtly apparent when you look at some of my work.

“Why do I want to see that shape, that color in this particular structure? One never knows whether this is delusional or authentic, but so what? Most of our lives we don’t know what’s delusional or authentic. So you try it, and you see if you can fit that into the story and see if it makes sense. Very often I find that it does and that I can let the formal devices pursue the subject as much as it’s anecdotal interior. “ -Thomas Nozkowski

From ARTnews interview on March 21, 2016

Thomas Nozkowski, “Untitled (9 – 17),” (2012)

Thomas Nozkowski, “Untitled (9 – 17),” (2012)